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iGrow Golf Operation 36! Our New Junior Program!

Eventbrite - Junior Golf Parent Orientation


Starting this year we will be launching the Marc Lapointe Junior Golf Academy. The academy is structured using the Operation 36 Junior Development Framework.  The framework is used by facilities across the nation and consists of parents, coaches, and juniors all working towards the goal of shooting par or better for 9 holes!  Each junior that enrolls in the academy will be issued an Op 36 Bag Tag and profile in our Op 36 Academy Mobile App.   

The Op 36 Platform consists of 6 levels, and has a 12 subject curriculum that our coaches will deliver throughout the academy semesters. When the junior can demonstrate objectives to coaches they will earn badges on their bag tag, and will be able to track and log the progress in the mobile app.  Each achievement is tracked in a social activity feed and points are earned for completing objectives, and playing/practicing outside of class.  To graduate from the Academy the juniors must progress through all 6 levels and ultimately shoot par or better for 9 holes from their full tee box based on age!

Please join us for a Parent Orientation on March 3rd to go over more details, and answer any questions you or your junior may have. We will begin registration on March 3rd. Spots will be limited to 6 juniors per class. Those attending the Parent Orientation will have first priority for registration. Once we reach 6 students in each class we will begin a wait list.

To sign up for the Parent Orientation CLICK HERE

To learn more about the Operation 36 Junior Development Platform please CLICK HERE. We look forward to a great season! 


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New Home For Andrew Kiger Golf


When I started teaching golf eleven years ago, I had a dream to become a top 100 golf instructor. It has been an incredible journey so far and I appreciate everyone who has supported Andrew Kiger Golf along the way. It brings me great pleasure to announce the next step in my career. I have been hired to be the Lead Instructor at Marc Lapointe Golf. It will be my job to run and operate top notch PGA Teaching programs at Fort Mill Golf Club, Springfield Golf Club, Chester Golf Club, and Lancaster Golf Club.

I am incredibly excited about this opportunity and I know I can deliver on all your golf instruction needs. The Marc Lapointe Golf facility at Fort Mill Golf Club houses state of the art teaching technology such as FlightScope X2 Elite, high speed video equipment, Tomi 3D Putting analysis, and three huge high def TVs to display club data and video analysis. The facility also has two indoor bays so that instruction is always a possibility, no matter the weather.

I have also embarked on a mission to help juniors become great golfers through the Operation 36 platform. It will help every junior golfer to one day shoot par, or better, and have a lot of fun doing so. You’re going to love it!

Be on the lookout for things to come. This year, we are going to get better at this game, your scores are going to lower, and we are going to have a lot more fun!





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